At Chepstow School the Governors and Staff are committed to providing a full and effective education for all our students.

We believe attending school on a regular basis helps children take an important step towards reaching their full potential and gives them the greatest opportunity to learn new things and develop their skills.

Chepstow School is committed to promoting inclusive education alongside local authorities and other organisations.


We expect that all students will:

  • Attend school regularly
  • Arrive on time, appropriately dressed in school uniform and prepared for the school day
  • Through our effective pastoral system, tell a member of staff about any problem which is making it hard for them to attend school regularly

We expect that all parents/carers will:

  • Encourage their son/daughter to attend school every day and on time
  • Ensure that they contact the school as soon as possible i.e. on the first day of absence before 8.45am whenever their child is unable to attend school
  • Ensure that their children arrive in school appropriately dressed and fully prepared for the school day
  • Provide the school with up to date home, work and emergency telephone numbers and home address details
  • Not arrange family holidays to take place during the school term
  • Inform the school in confidence about any problem which might affect their son/daughter’s attendance or behaviour.

Parent/carers can expect that the school will:

  • Provide a good quality education
  • Record their son/daughters attendance regularly (every lesson), accurately and efficiently; this will be done via electronic registration
  • On the first day of absence make every reasonable effort to contact the parent when their child fails to attend school without good reason
  • Deal discretely and properly with any problem notified to the school by the parent/carer.


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