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The Sixth Form Team is made up of a group of students who campaign to be voted into the roles of Head Students. Following the voting the team is created to include Deputy Heads and also Head Prefects. Our team has worked extremely hard to ensure that they represent Chepstow School in a positive and proactive way. The team acts as role models and mentors for many of our younger students.

Our prefects work collaboratively with the Sixth Form team, ensuring their day-to-day duties and responsibilities are completed. Prefects provide support, cover duty areas, assist with school events and work with subject teachers to complete extra-curricular activities.

Chepstow Sixth Form’s student team continues to play an essential role in the running of community and charity events. The students can always be relied upon to represent the school in a positive way at events such as the Christmas Carol Service and Remembrance Service, which are both held at St Mary's Church. Other events such as Monmouthshire Engages and the Sixth Form charities week show that we have an excellent, collective community spirit within the Sixth Form Centre. Our students also assist at parents’ evenings and special events, always doing a fantastic job. Our fund raising week will take place during the spring where we will support various charities as well as our nominated charity, MENCAP, which supports the Berkeley Centre.

 May 2017 We are delighted to announce the new Head Student Team. It was such a strong field that we will have 4 Head Students and 2 Deputies. Head Students are Lukas Evans, Joe Summers, Jess Sariak and Luca Goddard. Deputies are Lisa Griffith and Becca Ham.

Congratulations to them all and we look forward to working with them.

We are proud of our prefect team and find their support invaluable.  They are remarkable ambassadors both to our school and the wider community.

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Head Students  Lukas Evans, Joe Summers, Jess Sariak and Luca Goddard





Deputy Head Deputy Head Students    Lisa Griffith and Rebecca Ham