GCSE Results 2014/2015

We are proud to announce that our GCSE results have continued to break all records. To view our results please click here.

  • 70% of students achieved 5 or more GCSEs including English and maths
  • 97% of students achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grade C or above
  • 75% of students achieved at least 8 GCSEs at grade C or better
  • 100% of students leave with a qualification

The school is particularly pleased with the performance of students at the highest grades. 21% of GCSE grades were at A* or A and 87% were at A-C.

In maths 40% of students achieved A* or A grades and 65% A* or B grades. Exceptional performers in maths were Emily Williams and Jacob van Buren, who achieved A* grades at GCSE, and AS maths grades of A and B respectively in year 11. Emily achieved a perfect score of 300/300 for her AS papers. 18 students sat Additional maths GCSE alongside their maths. 50% achieved a distinction, (A*/A), 78% distinction or merit (A*-B) and 100% passed at A*-C.

In English, 80% of our students achieved a C grade or better, with 25% of grades achieved at A* or A. This year 25 year 9 students sat GCSE English Literature, and all achieved a C grade or better, with 52% achieveing an A* or A grade and 96% achieving grades A*-B. Matthew Blore and Sam Morse both achieved A* grades 2 years early. All of this group of students will go on to take GCSE language and enhance their studies through AS English.

Notable GCSE results:

  • Emily Williams - 10 A* and A grade maths at AS
  • Cerys Barclay - 9 A*, 1 A and distinction in additional maths
  • Sophie Clegg - 9A* 1A and distinction in additional maths
  • Jacob van Buren - 7A* 2A and B for AS maths
  • Polly Summers - 7A* 2A and distinction in additional maths
  • William Jones - 4A* 4A 1B and distinction in additional maths
  • Alex Dimitriov - 2A* 6A
  • Miranda Jones - 1A* 9A and merit in additional maths
  • Sarah Gibbs - 1A* 6A 3B and merit in additional maths
  • Emily Jones - 1A* 6A 2B
  • Amy Beard - 1A* 5A 3B and distinction in additional maths
  • Rebecca Jones - 6A 3B and distinction in additional maths
  • Caitlyn Southwood - 6A 3B
  • Jacob Tyson - 6A 3B and pass in additional maths
  • Sophie Warnock - 4 distinction star (A*) 2 distinction (A) and 3 C

Claire Price, Headteacher, said,

"I am incredibly proud of our students who have all received exceptional results. The overall results reflect the sustained improvements made in Chepstow School over the past 4 years. Of course the story today is about individual student's achievements. The commitment and love shown by staff and parents ensures that all young people achieve well. It is this that makes Chepstow School a special and inspiring place to be."

Craig Bridgeman, Chair of Governors, said,

"This is another very strong set of results. I am especially proud of our students' performance in the core subjects. Most notably they have achieved outstanding English results, which exceed 80% for the first time ever. Our ongoing success is reflected by support from our local community. For the first time in over 10 years we are full in year 7. We have many students joining us as in-year admissions and over 90% of our students are returning to our 6th form in September. The Governing body wish to congratulate all our young learners on their successful results, and thank the dedicated staff at the school and the parents who collectively provide the support, belief and guidance to improve our young people's future lives. A big 'well done and good luck' in the next stage of development and academic achievement for all our students."