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External Examinations

So that we can provide the best curriculum choices for our students, we offer a range of external examinations.  However, at the moment, there are major changes proposed to English GCSE and GCE rules that we do not yet know if the Welsh Assembly Government will also mandate for us in Wales.

Depending on subject, students may sit GCSE and GCE papers from AQA, Edexcel, OCR or WJEC.  At present, some exams offer 2 tiers, Foundation and Higher, which allows us to match examination choice to student potential.

As well as GCSE and A level, many of our students undertake BTEC qualifications in Engineering, Business, Sport and a variety of other subjects.  We also offer Welsh Baccalaureate at the appropriate level for Years 10 to 13.  Last year, a pilot group of students entered for the WJEC Higher Project award which is a more challenging test of their knowledge and abilities; all 4 were successful.

We know only too well that exam days can be very stressful so our recent innovation of pre-exam prep sessions (some fuelled by a Tesco’s banana or cafeteria bacon sandwich) has been very welcome and productive.

Resit Policy

We must stress how important it is for students to achieve the expected grade in their subjects at their first attempt.  This means that they don’t have to re-study work already covered and are better able to manage their new studies.  It can also have an effect on UCAS and job interviews.

If the student and subject teacher agree that there is a need to resit a particular module, then the student will be allowed to resit that paper in school, although they will be charged the examination fee.  This cost varies according to the subject, level and Examination Board.  Details can be obtained from the Exams Team by phone (01291 635625 or 635601) or through email (debrawatkins@chepstowschool.com).  Students who have left school may apply to resit as external candidates.