House Staff

Our House Leaders provide professional leadership for one of the 4 House teams whilst actively promoting high quality learning and teaching. They will improve student standards and outcomes and develop a distinctive House ethos and culture.

Our Progress Leaders provide pastoral support for the students in their House and work closely with the House Leader in the effective running of the house. They also monitor attendance, attainment and behaviour and are the first point of contact for students experiencing difficulties. In some cases Progress Leaders will liaise with outside agencies to support young people and their families.

Our Form Tutors ensure the provision of high quality pastoral care including individual guidance, group tutoring, agreed tutor time programmes of work which will contribute to the overall development of students and ensure improved standards of achievement for all students. They also monitor attendance and wellbeing.

Severn House



House Leader

Nicky Back

Student Progress Leader

7S1 Tutor

Samantha Arnold

7S2 Tutor

Daniel Jones

8S1 Tutor

Helen Casterton

8S2 Tutor

Emma Wilks

9S1 Tutor

Kirsty Parfitt-Ley

9S2 Tutor

Alison Willis

10S1 Tutor

Sue Bedford

10S2 Tutor

Dan Harris

11S1 Tutor

Sian Mahoney

11S2 Tutor

Aled Elias

Usk House



Acting House Leader


Ollie Knight

Progress Leader



7U1 Tutor

Kurtis Parkin

7U2 Tutor

Rhidian Phillips

8U1 Tutor

Kate Morris

8U2 Tutor

Becky Urch

9U1 Tutor

Irene Davies

9U2 Tutor

Elinor Williams

10U1 Tutor

John Giddy

10U2 Tutor

Mark Coffey

11U1 Tutor

Jon Williams

11U2 Tutor

Stephanie Snelgrove

Wye House



House Leader

John Robson

Progress Leader

Sara Martin

7W1 Tutor

Ollie Walsh

7W2 Tutor

Kirsty Benjamin

8W1 Tutor

Sarah Thomas

8W2 Tutor

Emma Martinez

9W1 Tutor

Kate Loram

9W2 Tutor

Ben Horne

10W1 Tutor

Michael McGrath

10W2 Tutor

Rachel Jeffery

11W1 Tutor

Victoria Glover

11W2 Tutor

Marek Anthony

Monnow House



Deputy Headteacher
responsible for 6th form

Tony Price

6th Form Intervention Mentor

Heather Gosling



12M1 Tutor

Jane Bryant 

12M2 Tutor

Andrew Bringhurst

12M3 Tutor

Sharon Giddy

12M4 Tutor

Zoe Elsmore 

12M5 Tutor

Wendy Heath

13M1 Tutor

Sian Melbourne

13M2 Tutor

Ffion Green

13M3 Tutor

Rachel Beech

13M4 Tutor

Lucy Rooks

13M5 Tutor