Governing Body 2016-17

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Designated role

Mr Craig Bridgeman




On behalf of the Governors, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Chepstow School. I am always pleased to tell people about my many years of involvement as both a Parent and Governor at the School, the last few years as Chair.  Links with parents and the community have always been strong, and the excellent attitude and professional approach of the staff has created a strong and ever improving programme in our quest for excellence. Currently, it is a very exciting time as we are improving on all fronts under the leadership of Claire Price and the great staff we have at the school. More importantly are the great resources we work with - our young learners who are afforded great opportunities to exploit their potential and gain a great education, social skills and a rounded approach to life when they finally leave us to further their careers and life skills.

Mr Craig Bridgeman, Chair of Governors

Claire Price



Governor Designation

Mr Craig Brigeman (Chair)


Mr Paul Wilding (Vice Chair)


Mr John Rowlands (Reserve Member)


Rev Chris Blanchard

Local Authority

Mrs Sharron Burridge


Cllr David Dovey

Local Authority

Ms Helen Dymond


Ms Zoe Elsmore


Mrs Jayne Edwards


Cllr Peter Farley

Local Authority

Mr Stuart Dent


Ms Lesley Allart


Mr Jamie Goddard


Mr Gareth Jones


Mr Owen Morgan


Mr John Rowlands


Mrs Hazel Trott

Support Staff

Mrs Jenny Williams

Local Authority

Mrs Rachel Williams


Claire Price


Mrs Jennie Edwards

Local Authority


Our School in the Community

Terms of Reference

Jayne Edwards (Chair)

Held with Governors from our Primary cluster

Review the outcomes
of the Chepstow partnership

Monitor the Chepstow
Partnership Improvement plan

Develop, monitor and review
the Chepstow Partnership Agreement

Develop, monitor and review
the transition plan


Additional responsibilities
for this committee:

Be responsible for developing
and evaluating the profile of
the school in the community

Reviewing and developing links
with other organisations in
the community

Parent voice and the PTA links

Complaints policy

Charity and community work
and events

Student voice and student leadership

Houses and student engagement

Zoe Elsmore

Peter Farley

Claire Price




Plus a Governor representing each cluster primary school


Leadership Link: Emma Mellen


Finance & Premises

Terms of Reference

Paul Wilding (Chair)

Monitor progress of school
improvement plan.

Oversee public and non-public
financial arrangements
of the school.

Oversee all premises issues including
Health & Safety.

Ensure all tendering processes
are observed.

To ensure that the budget is
presented &
approved by the Full Governing
body on
an annual basis.

Accurately maintain school


Craig Bridgeman

Stuart Dent

Caitlin Golaup

John Rowlands

Rachel Williams

Hazel Trott

Claire Price


Leadership Link: Tony Price 



Terms of Reference

Rachel Williams (Chair)

To monitor the progress of the
school improvement plan.

To determine the school’s
staffing structure.

To monitor and review personnel

To monitor staff absence & supply cover.

Chris Blanchard

Sharron Burridge

Helen Dymond

Paul Wilding



Claire Price

Leadership Link: tbc



Terms of Reference

Craig Bridgeman (Chair)

To agree and monitor school
improvement plan.

To monitor examination

To Monitor progress of students
for years 7 - 13 inclusive.

To monitor and review school
policies not covered by other

Jayne Edwards
(Chair - Our Schools &
in the community)

Paul Wilding
Chair - Finance and Premises

Rachel Williams
Chair - Personnel Committee

Jenny Williams
Chair - Teaching and Learning


Claire Price

Leadership Link: Richard Jones


Teaching & Learning

Terms of Reference

Jenny Williams (Chair)

To monitor the progress of the
school improvement plan.

To receive information on KS2/KS3

To monitor the Annual Review of the
curriculum delivered and to ensure
the quality of continuity across all stages.

Sharron Burridge

David Dovey

Gareth Jones

Jamie Goddard


Owen Morgan

Claire Price


Leadership Link: Richard Jones